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SweetHeart 5K


The official app for the 2016 SweetHeart 5K.This is the only race of this kind that has an app. Why an app, you ask? Why not?!
The better answer is that this will make it even easier for your to share our app and therefore our race with others (by clicking on "info".) Otherwise, be sure to use the app for quick access to the race "details," then go to the "registration" link if you haven't signed up yet. After that, when its time to get to the race or packet pick up, be sure to use the "map" to get there.
Otherwise, when you're done handling the important stuff, but sure to click on "fun," and take advantage of all the exciting gifts we've put together for you like the SweetHeart Mix Tape, SweetHeart Scavenger Hunt, and/ or get your SweetHeart Trading Cards to share prompt your sweetie for actions of affection.